Peaches MyDog
MyDog® Stories - Bailey the Beagle

When not sitting on top of the Peaches MyDog® logo or acting as Peaches' Company's 'Spokes pup", Bailey is busy in our back yard usually acquiring all types of offensive odors! After feeding Beagle Bailey MyDog® for about 2 months we noticed a big improvement in his general aroma especially in and around his ears. His ears also required less "doctoring" (every 2-3 weeks) as they did not accumulate the usual "goop" which can be really ugly!

After 2 years of Peaches MyDog® Bailey's ears have maintained this improvement providing for a lot less care and hopefully a healthier dog later in life as many "lop eared" dogs can develop serious ear problems in their senior years leading to deafness.

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