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MyDog® Stories - Baxter the Healer/Lab Mix

My Dog Baxter is a 6 year old healer-lab mix I have had for 3 years. He was rescued from the pound. He has been a great dog with no problems until the summer of 2002. I noticed he was scratching and shedding a lot more than normal. He also had dandruff so bad I didn't like to pet him as much. I seen your product "MyDog®" and gave it a try. Within three weeks I noticed an improvement, less scratching and shedding also a big improvement on his dandruff problem. Within 2-3 months- no scratching- no dandruff and only his normal shedding. Plus his coat was softer.

One morning I was running late for work and I forgot to feed Baxter. When I returned home that evening I noticed I hadn't fed him so I got him some food. After 30-40 minutes he was just sitting there by his food but not eating. I wondered what was wrong- then I remembered the "MyDog®". I put a tablespoon of it on his food and he ate it all. I think he likes the "MyDog®".

Your "MyDog®" is great- it corrected Baxter's dry skin problem and I think it is priced very reasonably.

Thank You

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