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MyDog® Stories - Magic the Cocker Spaniel

Okay, so he never listened. Magic was the Happy-Go-Lucky kind of puppy with endless energy and a mind of his own. He didn't want to be tied down. But after about 8 years, this wind up toy type dog grew out of his puppy skin. I began to think he was deaf instead of just not listening and he lost that puppy dog smile. It was as if he had turned into a grumpy old man.

Magic is a Cocker Spaniel Lab mix that I purchased at Peaches' Pets in the beginning of 1990. He was wild beyond belief, but it was a fun and playful puppy kind of wild. He slowly grew older, and after about 8 years, this once spunky pup became noticeably weak. He stopped jumping up on people, his house, and over the fence. Magic also stopped digging holes under the fence. Don't get me wrong it took years to train him to stay down and stop digging on command anyway, but he grew slow and tired too. He no longer liked to go running in the morning and was often irritated by our other, younger dogs.

About 3 years of this grumpiness and irritation continued. My dad then developed a product meant to heal the irritated skin on another dog of ours, Kallie. We began feeding this daily supplement to Magic and noticed that his spunky youthfulness has returned. It was like he is a puppy all over again. The energy he had once had to jump, run, dig, and play all returned.

Magic has continued to use the product MyDog® for over a year, and not only has his energy and strength regained itself, but his coat is shiny and healthy too. It was like a complete 180 degree turn around, like night and day, black and white.

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