Peaches MyDog
What It Does - The benefits of Peaches MyDog®
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Lower Digestion

Peaches MyDog® prebiotic activity modifies the microflora of your dogs digestion system by stimulating the growth and/or activity of the beneficial organisms while suppressing potentially deleterious Bacteria. MyDog's® ingredient, honey, enhances the growth, activity and viability of bifidobacteria, a bacteria known for immune enhancement and anti-carcinogenicity. This digestive aiding bacteria also assists your dog in assimilating more beneficial nutrition (including calories!) from your existing dog food. Helpful for a good companion and your budget!
Upper Digestion

The natural occurring enzymes and acidity in MyDog® start breaking down carbohydrates (the most abundant nutrient found in most of today's dry dog foods) during the chewing process allowing for more complete assimilation in your dog's lower GI track. This results in more nutrition for your dog and less mess for your lawn!

Although dogs are less prone to heart disease than their masters, a vital circulatory system is critical to their overall health. Peaches MyDog® supplies a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids which improve heart health including; blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart beat regularity plus general maintenance for a heathy arterial system. This all provides for a healthier immune system and a happier companion.

Excessive use (wear and tear), injury and age can lead to the demise of your dog's mobility and quality of life. The Omega fatty acids in Peaches MyDog® help reduce joint inflamation and actually combats Rheumatoid Arthritis. By providing a healthier circulatory system Peaches MyDog® aids in the maintenance of your dogs vital joints allowing for less inflamation and pain.

Although your dog's skin is protected by a healthy hair coat, good skin care is still essential. Peaches MyDog® Omega 3 : Omega 6 ratio helps balance most available dog food's Omega fatty acid content for optimum skin nutrition reducing irritation and dry/itching skin. MyDog's® prebiotic capability helps your dog assimilate more valuable skin producing maintenance nutrients from it's every day dry food. Most importantly, your dog's healthy skin leads to a more comfortable (less irritation) and happy companion.

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Better breath is achieved thru MyDog's® oral health (see teeth) benefits. MyDog's® prebiotic capabilities allow for more complete digestion causing less gastric gas evolution which can assist in better breath from your dog. Watch for future MyDog® formulations featuring added oral health benefits.

Peaches MyDog® natural antibiotic activity along with the abrasive action of your dog's dry dog food can help suppress oral pathogens. The select honey in MyDog® contains healthy antioxidants and other phytochemicals which support oral health. Future MyDog® formulas will have added oral health benefits.

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Shiny, attentitive eyes are always a sign of a healthy and happy dog. Peaches MyDog® "anti allergenic" qualities help lessen any excessive tearing due to air born allergies. MyDog's® own nutrition plus it's inherent prebiotic effect allows your dog to absorb more valuable vitamins and minerals essential for healthy eye maintenance.

Ear health is very important to dogs especially your "lop eared" breeds (i.e. Hounds, Retrievers, Spaniels, Setters, etc.) The warm, moist environment of a dog's ear is a haven for bacteria, mites and other small organisms. Peaches MyDog® helps combat dog ear problems keeping the inside of the ear soft and pink without foreign growth, matter and smell requiring less general ear care. Healthy ears definitely make for a happier dog.

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The greatest compliment Peaches MyDog® receives concerns dog's coats. The unique combination of balanced Omega fatty acids and honey results in a softer coat that gradually turns silky and is truly more petable. About 3 weeks after the coat softens, shedding will start reducing to a normal level. Your dog's coat will appear full and feel less oily in breeds that tend to have oilier coats (i.e. shar-peis). You'll find your dog more enjoyable to pet and love.

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Dog's preference for their personal aroma usually varies from ours! Most of their more offensive odors are the results of foreign micro- organisms growing on irritated areas of their bodies such as their ears, skin folds/wrinkles or along the inside of their legs and stomach. Peaches MyDog® reduces these micro-organisms by removing the irritated areas providing a companion that you will love petting and being around. Unfortunately, Peaches MyDog® will not deter your dog from rolling in whatever odiferous substance it chooses!

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No promises for a longer life! But with Peaches MyDog® your dog's senior years should be happier and healthier allowing for a better companion and less medical care costs!

A lot can be learned about your dog's health and it's digestive efficiency from it's stool consistency, content and volume. Darker, firmer and less odiferous stools indicate a more efficient digestive system usually providing for a healthier companion. Peaches MyDog® prebiotic benefits (see digestion) assist in improving digestion thus lessening yard clean-up and food expense! This also tends to put less stress on your dog's lower digestive track (less volume) and it's related organs (I.e. kidney, liver, etc.) which tend to be limiting factors in life expectancy.