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MyDog® Stories - Chewy the Chinese Shar-pei

Chinese Shar-peis are prone to skin disorders but Chewy seemed fine... that is until he was about 11/2 years old. Chewy's black hair around his ears and paws slowly began to fall out. His skin also grew extremely oily and let's just say he didn't exactly smell like a rose. Bathing Chewy became a weekly chore, as well as a pain in the neck.

In the beginning of May Chewy's problem was addressed to Peaches' Pet Store and his symptoms seemed perfect for a hair and skin supplement called MyDog® that the owner was in the process of developing. Chewy became a test dog and began using Peaches MyDog® on a daily basis, in the hopes that his skin disease would begin to heal.

Chewy's owner began to notice a difference in the second week. He seemed to be happier and his ears were a lot less sensitive. He continued to improve in the next couple weeks and his coat grew remarkably softer and shinier, without the oily coat or smell. He also went from a weekly to a monthly bath. The most surprising thing though was the fact that his hairless patches began to decrease rapidly.

In the following weeks, it was a lot harder to smell him from a mile away, but I am told that is a good thing. He has continued on the Peaches MyDog® for three months and doesn't plan to stop any time soon. Chewy's skin is in excellent condition now, helping him to be healthier, happier, and harrier than ever.

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