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MyDog® Stories - Kallie the Yellow Lab's Story

We picked up a seven week old, fuzzy yellow lab as a surprise birthday (his 6th) present for my son Raleigh. He blessed her with the name Kallie and they have been inseparable companions for the last nine years.

About two years ago, Kallie started shedding severely and in fact, lost all her hair on her stomach, inside her legs, and up her chest almost to her collar. Her skin was constantly inflamed which caused her to scratch and even bite at these irritated areas. Her white coat grew hard-cardboard like. She just didn't seem to be as healthy a dog, even though we kept great care of her and fed the best of dog foods, which she seemed to enjoy... a little too much!

I decided to cut her feeding back and try to formulate a supplement that would relieve her coat and skin problems, while balancing her reduced diet. I preferred to try using natural ingredients that would act specifically on Kallie's conditions. Scientific data purports the abilities of the Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6, & 9 to alleviate many animal skin irritation problems. Indian Folk Lore and some medical practices espouse Honey's ability to actually eliminate the cause of the irritation, possibly due to allergies.

My first concoction consisted of local Honey and Cod Liver Oil (shades of my mother: 1 tablespoon before going to bed... YUCK!!!). The resulting gooey mass was poured over Kallie's reduced amount of Dog Food. She seemed to enjoy it and after about three weeks of differing formulas, her existing coat started to soften and the irritation didn't seem to bother her as much.

With continual formulation improvements, Kallie gradually slimmed down and regained her full soft, light golden coat. It even continued to fill out over her complete underside during the next three months. Kallie has enjoyed the benefits of these first Peaches MyDog® formulas for over 2 years. She appears healthier than ever with soft pink ears, healthy looking gums, no itching/scratching episodes, and improved mobility; She's just a good ole' healthier and happier dog.

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